IRF Roundtable Pakistan Delegation Awards Ceremony in Washington DC
Ambassador of Peace Awards for IRF RT Delegation by UPF UN

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2024 / / -- Title: IRF Roundtable Delegation from Pakistan Represents Country with Pride at 2024 Summit

Washington, DC - The IRF Roundtable delegation from Pakistan made a lasting impression at the 2024 International Religious Freedom (IRF) summit held in Washington, DC. The delegation, led by prominent religious leaders and government officials, represented Pakistan with pride and showcased the country’s commitment to promoting religious freedom and tolerance.

The IRF Roundtable delegation from Pakistan’s successful trip to the 2024 IRF summit is a testament to the country’s efforts in promoting religious freedom and tolerance and finding solutions to the challenges. The delegation’s participation and representation at the summit has not only brought positive recognition to Pakistan but also highlighted the country’s ongoing efforts to protect the rights of all its citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The two-day summit, organized by IRF Summit co-chairs, Ambassador Sam Brownback and Dr. Katrina-Swett Lantos, brought together leaders and representatives from over 80 countries to discuss the current state of religious freedom around the world. The Pakistani delegation actively participated in panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, highlighting the country’s efforts in protecting the rights of religious minorities and promoting interfaith harmony. The IRF Delegation to the Summit was hosted by AMMWEC American Muslim & Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council and House of Ruach.
Pakistani Senior Journalists Host Imtiaz Mir and Pakistan IRF RT Delegation at the National Press Club in Washington DC

In addition to their participation at the summit, the delegation also had the opportunity to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, a yearly event that brings together leaders from different faiths to pray for peace and unity. The delegation also had a meet and greet session with senior Pakistani journalists at the National Press Club, where they discussed the importance of promoting religious freedom and tolerance in the media. The trip was a significant milestone for Pakistan, as it showcased the country’s commitment to promoting religious freedom and tolerance. The delegation’s active participation and representation at the summit were highly appreciated by the international community, and it further strengthened Pakistan’s position as a leader in promoting religious harmony.
IRF Pakistan Delegation at the World Bank

IRF Roundtable Pakistan, Chair, Anila Ali, presenting Congressional Certificate from Congresswoman Judy Chu being to Imtiaz Mir, award winning journalist
IRF RT Pakistan Delegates with imams from Masjid Muhammad, the oldest African American masjid in America

IRF Roundtable Delegation visited many houses of worship and some prayed Jummah along with Imam Benjamin Abdul Haqq of Masjid Muhammad, AMMWEC partners in DC. The delegation was also invited tot take a tour of the World Bank to meet the Pakistani executives by a Pakistani working for World Bank, Ms. Maira Zamir.

At a closing awards dinner at co-hosted by the Universal Peace Federation UPF and IRF Roundtable Pakistan, Chairwoman, Anila Ali, several awards were presented to the interfaith delegation. UPF UN Ambassador of Peace Awards were presented by Dr. Michael Jenkins, President Washington Times to the following delegates:

Qazi Abul Qadeer Khamosh
Father James Channan OP
Allama Hisham Elahi Zaheer
Allama Ahsan Siddiqui
Imtiaz Mir- renowned Pakistani journalist
Congressional certificates from the office of Congresswoman Judy Chu, were awarded to three members of the IRF delegation to the IRF Summit 2024:
Kashif Mirza for coordinating and promoting IRF RT Roundtables in 2024
Pastor Amjad Farooq for his work for interfaith relations
Mr. Imtiaz Mir, a renowned journalist for his courageous reporting from Gaza and Israel after Hamas’ attack


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