Christian Faith Formation Program for Youth Seminar on Christian Faith Formation, Leadership and Climate Action organized by Peace Center on 16th July, 2021. The main audience and beneficiaries of the program were Christian youth from various backgrounds. They represented their Church and community along with different challenges, they are confronting being minority in Pakistan. Many influential personalities were invited as guest speakers; Fr. Taufiq Younas OP, Ms Neelam Nisari, Mr. Ijaz Azad, Mr. Kamran Chaudhary, Pastor Khuram and Pastor Samuel Massey.

After the Bible reading and prayer offered by Shafqat Harris, Fr. Taufiq Younas warmly welcomed all the guests. Faisal Ilyas shared the PowerPoint presentation to introduce Peace Center and the work has been done so far, he also gave the overview of the program and shared “Being Christian Minority, we are facing many challenges to exercise our faith, some time discrimination, persecution, leftover, third standard citizens, unethical statements, harsh language, inequality, domestic violence, force conversion, force marriages and mob violence etc. In all imbalance and uncertain situations, we need to stay firm in Christian Faith, I would like to share an example of a brave woman Asia Bibi, she fought for more than nine years in the prison but never quit and at last God heard her sorrow and she got freedom from prison from Pakistan. Sometime we need to have patience for salvation.”
Pastor Khuram from FGA Church and Bible College said “I am truly honored by inviting in such a beautiful program, thank you so much, and would like to share two important things to keep in mind; Thinking and Action! Whatever we believe and think, we act accordingly. Being Christian, we need to think boldly, as Christ gives us confident to live and to proceed. We all are connected by faith, let’s pray for unity and Holy Spirit will guide.”

Pastor Samuel Massey thanked for being invited and shared his wonderful thoughts “I always support youth in different activities to promote Christian Faith, social engagement and leadership based initiatives. I remember, we were together at YATRA in couple of activities and Mr. Faisal Ilyas has actively participated. I always admire his good and positive approach, I also congratulate for organizing this amazing program. Thank you.”

Mr. Kamran Chuadhary from UCAN News added “We are living in upgraded technology era, and to boost our faith we need to learn the new techniques. I must say If Jesus Christ comes in this time; He would have Face book account along with other social media gadgets to spread the teachings. We need to understand, how to use the social media in a positive way. I advice to our youngsters, never feel shy to show your Christian identity.”

Pastor Ijaz Azad from Overwhelming Mercy (OM) shared some needful aspects “We live according to our attitude and mantle approaches, these two important things which drive us throughout our lives. We should come to know at least that it’s not a dream; we are actually in the world and the place or the country where we are living. What kind of circumstances we have what kind of people we are living among, what we should expect from them; these are the realities that we should come to know. We always make mistakes and repeatedly doing the same.

Why our young girls are accepting other faiths because they are being attracted for some good things or better life. Why we are not providing them such grounds to stick with their faith, family and community. Our youth is frustrated and they need better life. Collectively, we have to bring a positive change to safe our youth and Christian Faith at large.”

Ms Neelam Nisari Program Manager Peace Center and URI CC Coordinator Golden Star CC appreciated the program content and said “I’m truly thankful to God Almighty, that He has blessed me with Christian Faith, and the beautiful atmosphere we had in Church Compound at St. Joseph Parish Cantt, Lahore. Right from the childhood, we saw priests, nuns and catechists. Fortunately, our parents gave us training how to live a faithful life. I suggest and advice that our youth need to learn to whom we should make friend, and our relationships matter a lot. Senior leadership should train the youth to stay firm in their faith.”

Some questions were asked to the speakers for interaction; mostly questions were related to the role models, and the how religious leadership can attract youth to bring them in Church. Speakers answered them accordingly and gave some suggestions to stick their Churches for formation and role play being responsible.

Fr. Taufiq Younas OP thanked all the honorable guests and young participants for their wonderful participation. Moreover he said “yes, we need to believe in our strengths, our training from home, schooling and the company we keep impacted a lot. Always try to know that what the God’s plan for your life is. Leadership is important, and being Christian stay strong to lead the world. May God Almighty bless us and always protect us from the danger. Amen!”

In the end all guests speakers and young participants wrote some recommendations to stay strong in Christian Faith;

•    Lack of awareness and low literacy rate, we should upgrade ourselves.
•    Church should arrange more scholarship opportunities for youth.
•    Arrange mentorship programs for spiritual development of youth.
•    Encourage youth for small businesses.
•    Family seminars; pre & post marriage counseling sessions.
•    We need to be more regular and punctual.
•    Always think positive for good actions.
•    Try to come out from the comfort zones to achieve big.
•    Church should focus on youth for their development.
•    Rural areas are in dire need to open schools.
•    Latest knowledge and technology should be the essential part of our education.
•    Christianity is a personality, we should develop it.
•    Whatever the conditions are, never give up.
•    Don’t look or wait for the change, be the reason of change.
•    Love your God and love His people, He will never leave you alone ever.

Prepared by:
Faisal Ilyas                                                                                                                              
Executive Secretary                                                                                                                                 
Peace Center Lahore


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