Christian Faith Formation Program with Christian Women from different denominations

Christian Faith Formation is the ongoing program to engage Christians from different  denominations for the promotion and affirmation of Christian Faith. Peace Center invited young girls and women in the program on 9th October, 2020 at Peace Center. Fr. James Channan OP Director Peace Center and Regional Coordinator URI Pakistan presided the program. Dr. Tahira Saleem evangelist, Sr. Sabina Rifat Women Coordinator URI Pakistan, Neelam Nisari Program Manager Peace Center, Shamim Fayaz Community member and staff members Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary URI Pakistan, Mr. Faisal Ilyas Executive Secretary Peace Center. the readying of the Holy Bible, all guests were warmly welcomed by Sr. Sabina Rifat. Fr. James Channan OP said “Faith leads us towards salvation, being faithful Christians we have to face the challenges and currently since the month of March, 2020 we are in locked down situation, many giant businesses are closed, restaurants and hotel are closed. People with little jobs are jobless or looking for the mean of earning. Prices inflation rate is very high and many are starving and asking for food. Total number of cases in the world are; 41, 122, 100, died 11, 31, 024 and recovered 30, 670, 942, although frustration rate is becoming higher among the community. During COVID-19 pandemic, especially Christian people have tested theirs faith, I have observed many of us distributed food and grocery items to the needy ones. As written in the Holy Bible; Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your lap, because you’ll be evaluated by the same standard with which you evaluate others.

I am very pleased by looking at the beautiful and happy faces of all. May God bless you all and stay firm in your Christian Faith. Amen! Tahira Saleem said, I have a testimony; One day I was praying and God assigned me a duty to call different religious leaders and ask them stay together and pray for the unite body of the Christ. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we prayed and ask for the healing of the world. Our prayers worked and we are heading towards new normal. In this testing phase we have to act upon three basic things; to trust Him, seek His face and always ask HIM.
Mrs. Shamim Fayyaz shared her experience that how they prayed at their home and aks God for healing. Furthermore she said, we as Christians, believe He is with us and He will protect us from all dangers.

Asher Nazir said, I admired the role of women who are the creation of God; the message of Easter was given to the women and they spread the message of Easter. We have good examples of our Christians especially Asia Bibi who fought for 9 years and never leave her faith in Christ. Shama and Shahzad were burnt alive due to their faith and one day God will rise them in His name.

Religious Songs were presented by Peter Malaki URI CC coordinator, Bright Future.
Neelam Nisari said “Human beings have limited powers and cannot fight with God rather we have to obey Him. We know and bearing how Corona has damaged a lot and many human activities are affected, but where we observed health crises, we saw the strong faiths and believe. There are many people who died and many are still in hospitals. We pray for their health recovery.

Mr. Faisal Ilyas shared, I congratulate to honorable guests for conducting such a meaningful seminar. I also say thank you so much for your time to share some words. We being Christians believe in God who has the ability and sovereign power on the world. In the tough times, we distributed grocery relief packs to many families. In this time of need we have to take care of the needy people living in marginalized areas! Peace Center always welcomes the youth and women to strengthen their Christian Faith. As written ACTS, 1:08, “You shall be my witness till the remotest parts of the Earth”. We need to believe on him. Thank you very much!

Sr. Sabina Rifat led an activity and three groups Faith, Hope and Love worked in groups on the asked questions; what are the challenges being Christian in Pakistan and what are the possible solutions. Their presentations were amazing and they presented in a very professional manner.

Group no. 1 (FAITH) : They shared some of the problems during COVID-19;  

  • Large numbers of people were jobless.
  •  Financial crises.
  • Food supply crises.
  • Outdoor activities were not possible.
  • Churches were closed.
  • No meetings with relatives.
  • Solutions were presented as;
  • Stayed strong with God.
  • Helped the poor.
  • Did cut down our own needs.
  • During COVID-19, we prayed to God together with family members.
  • We only believed in God for betterment.

Group no. 2 (HOPE): They shared some of the problems during COVID-19;
They shared in spite of all the challenges as Christians we were praying to God for the long lasting of the world. They presented some of the solutions;

  • People looked at God for help.
  • We prayed together.
  • We worshiped God.
  • We become strong in faith.
  • There were social distancing, but our hearts were beating together.
  • Whole family was together at home, family bounds become stronger.
  • It was the temptation from God for their people to testify their faiths in the time of difficulties.

Group no. 3 (LOVE): They shared some of the problems during COVID-19;

  • Our whole family stuck in Murree during locked down situation.
  • Great fear of illness.
  •  Fear of death, as many were dying.
  • Financial crises.
  • Transportation issues.
  • Unemployment.
  • Closure of Churches.
  • Educational institutes were closed.

Solutions of the above mentioned problems;

  • We overcame the Murree problem by praying and fasting.
  • We overcame fear of death and illness by making our faith strong in promising God.
  • We did for the needy and God provided us as per our needs.
  • When churches were closed, every home becomes a new Church in Jesus name.
  • All educational institutes shifted to online classes and assignments.
  • Cross is the sign of salvation and solution of all the problems.  

In the end Sr. Sabina Rifat thanked all the guests and appreciated them very much! Fr. James Channan OP prayed for the food and God bless them all.  

Prepared by:

Faisal Ilyas                                                                                                                                       
Executive Secretary        
Peace Center Lahore

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