We condemn the terrorist’s attacks in Sri Lanka

We as Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan share your grief and pain. May the Risen Lord Jesus Christ console and wipe out your tears. Amen!

URI Pakistan and Peace Center Lahore organized interfaith prayers for the victims of Sri Lanka on 23rd April, 2019 at Peace Center Lahore with the collaboration of Faces Pakistan, Kul Masalik Ulama Board and URI Women Wing Pakistan. Interfaith leaders from Muslims and Christians said that we condemn the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels and we are expressing solidarity and condolence through our interfaith prayers with Sri Lankan brother and sisters. 

Religious leaders from Christians and Muslims are praying for Sri Lankan people at Peace Center Lahore, Pakistan

Candle light prayer was attended by representatives of different civil society organizations, lawyers, teachers, priest, nuns and political and religious figures of Lahore. Many religious leaders from Muslims and Christians were present as Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom, Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Pastor Majid Abel, Pastor Amjad Nimat, Pir Akhtar Rasool, Muhmmad Pervaiz Saqi, Dr.Marcus Fida, Allama Ayub Khan, Maulana Muhmmad Hussain, Sohail Ahmad Raza, Syed Nubhar, S.A Jaffary, Qari Asgar Hanif, Fr.Marcus Daniel OP and they came for solidarity and condolence for Sri Lankan people.

Fr.James Channan OP shared his views that Interfaith and Intra-faith leadership of Pakistan condemn the act of brutality against humanity, the horrifying incident that took place on Easter Sunday in churches and hotels of Sri Lanka. The death toll rose to 361 killed. Many children died; including those youth pictured above whom had recently received their First Communion. Tuesday, April 23 was declared a national day of mourning. 

The dead included 35 foreigners as well, from Poland, Denmark, China, Japan, Pakistan, the United States, India, Morocco, UK and Bangladesh. At least four US citizens have been killed. He said that we unite to build cultures of peace and justice. We unite to heal and protect the Earth. We unite to build safe places for conflict resolution, healing and reconciliation. He said that God is creator of all human being and this beautiful world. God loves to everyone and we are the great creation of God. He does not want anyone to die because He loves us. Today we are together as Christians and Muslims and we strongly condemn the terrorist’s attacks in Sri Lanka.

Bishop Irfan Jamil sharing his views. He strongly condemned the terrorist’s attack in Sri Lanka at Churches.

Bishop Irfan Jamil shared that the purpose of this kind of violence wherever it occurs in the world is to create fear and isolation, separating us from each other and splintering the human family. We unite to use our combined resources only for nonviolent, compassionate actions, to awaken to our deepest truths, and to manifest love and justice among all life on Earth. He said that if we are united and together and we want peace and interfaith harmony, then our unity should be shown in our daily life. Today we are using religion in our politics and we are dividing people and promoting hate. Mostly people do not want to know positive and common things of other’s religions maybe this is our nature that we debate that we are good and our religion is better. Our children learn from parents and society if we teach them that we are equal and we should love another then society will change. In our syllabus we should promote positive things of all religions because we are all the great creation of God and He loves to all without any difference. 

Mufti Ashiq Hussain said the as Muslim we condemn the terrorist attack at Churches and hotels in Sri Lanka

Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Pir Akhtar Rasool and Allama Ayub Khan shared in their views that as Muslims we are people of peace and our religion Islam teach us that all human being are respectable and our religion gives us lesson to serve the humanity. We condemn the terrorist attack at Churches and hotels. In this pain we are with them and we pray for Sri Lankan people. Today majority of the Muslim leaders are present with our Christian brothers and sisters and together we are praying for world peace. We are promoting peace and interfaith harmony with Fr.James Channan OP in Pakistan. But many negative forces are working for dividing people and they are promoting hate, fear and intolerance among us. We are united and we are giving message to those people and groups that you cannot divide us. Why these terrorists are attacking in Churches, Mosques and Temples.

                            Sr.Sabina Rifat said that religions teach that we should merciful to other

Sr.Sabina Rifat Coordinator Women Wing URI Pakistan shared her views in poetry that we should be honest and merciful to other. As well, it is clear that if we don’t love our neighbor, then we cannot say that we love God. Every person is beautiful and wonderful creation of God. We are thankful to God for this beautiful blessing. If we kill anybody then we work against God and every religion is against that we hate and kill anybody. Religions teach that we should be merciful to other.

At the end solidarity with the victims was observed, the candle light service was also conducted with a peace Prayer for People of Sri Lanka by Dr.Badar Munir and Fr.James Channan OP.


Reported by:
Asher Nazir
Executive Secretary
URI Pakistan

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