Fuji Declaration and Symphony of Peace Prayer

Greetings of peace!
News from Japan: Fuji Declaration and Symphony of Peace PrayerI would like to share with you that there were two very significant international events in Japan during this month. One was in Tokyo and the other at Fuji Sanctuary at the base of the Fuji Mountain, Hitoana, Fujinomiya City.

The first international event was the symposium on the "Fuji Declaration" on the 15th of May at the Grand Prince Hotel in Tokyo. This symposium brought together 50 international leaders from various fields, cultures and generations who shared their wisdom and stories to further strengthen peace and harmony, and thus nurture the necessary transformation towards a more spiritual and harmonious civilization as envisioned in the Fuji Declaration. 

The second grand event was the Symphony of Peace Prayer (SOPP) 2015 on the 17th of May at the Fuji Sanctuary, in which more than 15,000 people participated. These belonged to different religions such as: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism and tribal spiritualties. Prayers were offered for world peace by leaders of different religions. Prayers were also offered for each country, in its national language, with the phrase, “May Peace Prevail in ....... (name of the country).” 
The presence of URI members and leaders was very prominent. Some (but not all) of the prominent names were:
The Rev. Canon Charles P. Gibbs, former Executive Director of URI. He led a Christian prayer at SOPP from the Protestant Church.
Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, former Global Trustee and current very active member of URI. He led a Muslim prayer at SOPP.

Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Regional Director of URI Africa & Representative of URI to African Union, Economic Commission for Africa and UN office at Nairobi.

  • Rev. Deborah Moldow, Facilitator of URI at the United Nations.
  • Fr James Channan OP, URI Regional Coordinator for Pakistan. He led a Christian (Catholic) prayer at SOPP.
  • Mario Toots Fungo, URI leader from the Philippines.
  • Dr. Shlomo Alon, former Global Trustee of URI from Israel. 

These are the persons I know were present at these international events and all were very prominent in sharing their wisdom, expertise in promoting interfaith dialogue and cultures of peace, justice, healing and reconciliation.
These events were organized and we were invited by Mrs. Masami Saioji, Chairperson: 

  • Byakko Shinko Kai
  • World Peace Prayer Society
  • Goi Peace Foundation

Mrs. Hiro Saionji was among the main organizers as President of:
Goi Peace Foundation
World Peace Prayer Society. 
At many opportunities I/we shared about the work of URI, its challenges, strengths and future plans, and its imperative role in bringing positive change around the globe among people of all religions, cultures and civilizations.  

It was providential and golden opportunity that we, as members of URI, were able to meet several times in between and during the sessions. We shared and updated each other about our URI activities, as well as present and future plans. Long Live URI!
On the 18th of May, Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad and I met Mr. Farukh Amil, Ambassador of Pakistan to Japan, and shared news of our URI work in Pakistan and elsewhere. Both of us also had a one-hour live interview on Pak Japan TV. 

 May Peace Prevail On Earth!  
In peace,
fr James Channan OP
URI Regional Coordinator Pakistan  

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